Currently looking for your next investment property?


Here at Manning Valley Property & Livestock, we have look into what tenants are looking for in their rental accommodation for you to consider when selecting your next investment.


A survey conducted by Housing Sediment Report at the end of last year found that the top 6 must haves by tenants were as followed:

  1. Size does matter according to 27.4% of participants. This does not mean how big the home is but how functional & user friendly the layout is.
  2. 26.5% have a top priority of large and well-appointed kitchens. Even though kitchens may be costly to revamp, they can add extra onto your weekly rent return.
  3. Air conditioning and heating were a top priority for 26.1%.
  4. 19.7% prefer homes with secure garage space to storage belongings or to simply park their vehicle.
  5. For 19.1% like a nice outdoor space.
  6. Location, location! Things that attract tenants to a certain location are a safe area (53.9%), good access to public transport (44.2%), near shopping facilities (34.7%) and close proximity to work (34).


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